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How to choose from Mattress Pad, Protector or Topper?

Changing mattress will be very costing, but changing the cover is a very economical way to keep your bed clean and have a little change also. However, you will be overwhelmed when stepping into the furniture mall and find there are many products to serve the function as a mattress cover. Generally, we will mistake mattress topper, mattress pads and mattress protectors and think they the same. Nope. First thing first, we have to clean up the misunderstanding of the bedding elements.   Mattress Protector: It is simply used to protect your mattress from dust, liquids and allergens.   Mattress Pad: Besides the function provided by the mattress protector, generally, mattress pads have a waterproof layer and add a little padding to enhance the comfort. Also, to enhance the décor and comfort, mattress pads has elastic to keep it in place while using it.   Mattress Topper: The padding of mattress...

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