How to Find the Best Backpack
Jul 2018


Yue Wang

How to Find the Best Backpack


Here are a few tips to help you choose the best school bag:

Shoulder Bag or Backpack Bag?

A shoulder bag is a good alternative for backpacks in the summer time that you can remove the bag and your entire back is cool in a hot and seating public transportation vehicle. That is why some people prefer a messenger bag or shoulder strap bag. However, it is not good for spine if you take many good things and put excessive strains on your shoulder and impact your body balance. Therefore, we still recommend choosing a backpack for your children.

 Backpack for schoolrolling backpack travel luggage

How to Determine the Best Size?

The perfect size is which compliments your children’s body shape. The larger the size, the heavier the bag is, which may lead to spinal development problems. However, if there are too much school supplies, a trolley school bag is your ideal choice.


Other Details Needs Your Attention

Comfort is the most important thing that parents care. Padded straps, mesh back fabric and easy access to small pockets are the details that determine a good bag. Adjustable buckle to shoulder straps will prove the fit and tightness of a backpack. Test the strap and see how well can they stay in place.


Once you put everything you need and everything looks great, you’re ready for your first day back to school!

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