Aug 2018


Henry Wen

How to Choose Your Whiteboard?



Melamine or plastic Magnetic Dry Erase Boards can come with a non-magnetic surface or with a steel backing that allows it to accept magnets. It is lightweight, making it easy to mount and a good choice for home office use.


Porcelain or ceramic whiteboards are a more expensive option but offer greater durability and resistance to scratches and stains. Although porcelain is more durable and easier to clean than melamine, it is also much heavier, so mounting may require more people.


Glass whiteboards are preventing unwanted ghosting and staining even more effectively than porcelain. Glass marker boards are often frameless, creating a modern look. Glass whiteboards can also be magnetic, but they can reflect a double image in poor lighting which may make them difficult to read in some instances.



Wall-mounted whiteboards ensure that your dry erase board is always stationary remained in one room.

Whether seating or standing, whether kids or adults, you can find the most comfortable height you like when using a height adjustable stand board.  It can be easily taken from one room to another. You can use it directly without installation. Flexible mounting movable hook allows the board to fit well in any space.


Magnetic dry erase boards can be used to supplement meetings and lesson plans in the same way as chalkboards, but they don’t come with the same mess and health hazards associated with chalk dust.


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