How to Choose Your Sun Shade Product?
Sep 2018


 Adding a cover to your patio area, whether it’s a retractable awning, a freestanding pergola, or a simple shade sail, will increase the usable space of your home and you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.


Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are a traditional type for sun and rain protection. It is secured to your house directly for coverage straight from your door. The greatest benefit of the awning is retractable, it can be motorized or operated with a hand crank to open or close the awning. The wind and sun sensors can open and close the awning automatically based on weather conditions.



Pergolas are both fashion and functional place addition to a garden or any other outdoor area, they provide freestanding shade using four columns that hold a thick canvas cover. Pergolas are great for weddings or other outdoor parties, the columns can be decorated with lights, plants or other decorations, and also an ideal place for intimate conversations, dancing or eating.


Sun Shade Sails

The best part about shade sails is that they can anchor at anyplace to anything which is sturdy. And also can be anchored to freestanding poles. The thick and durable canvas can be used in a variety of ways beyond shade and rain protection. The multiple shade sails can be mounted to create an interesting shade structure.

Shade sails are perfect for those that would like to create their own contemporary design and install a shade sail over grassy areas.


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