How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag?
Oct 2020


Henry Wen

How to Choose Your Sleeping Bag?

Now it’s the season of hiking, camping or traveling. An appropriate sleeping bag will make your travel more relaxed after a day of exhaustion.

Shape Classification
There are three common types: “MUMMY”, “Envelope” and “Mixed type”. The mummified sleeping bag combines the advantages of weight and good heat preservation, but the mummy style limits the range of activity, which may cause the user to feel uncomfortable during sleep. It’s suitable for subzero temperature. While the envelope sleeping bag is suitable for warm conditions and above 0 degree. It is loose and the activity space is large. The mixed type is the combination of two types which are mentioned.
sleeping bag for camping hiking
Filler Type
Under the same condition, the warmth of the goose down is slightly higher than the dark down. People usually pay attention to three indexes: Filling weight, Down content and Fillpower.
The higher of the fill power, the better thermal retention is.
Temperature Ratings
Extremal: It is the lowest temperature of using the sleeping bag and it’s the critical point of danger.
Comfort limit: Healthy women and men will not feel cold and the body will be in a good sense of comfort.
Comfort Temperature: Healthy women and men will not feel cold and it is a little warm for healthy men.

You’d better warm up yourself and then drill into your sleeping bag. Keep it dry and clean can increase service life.

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