Aug 2018

Camping with family or your friends is a good summer activity for many of us. This article will help you choose a good tent with only four essential considerations to make.


Good Size

It is very quick to choose a tent in a right size for you. The bigger the tent is, the more space it will offer for fun. However, every coin has two sides. You have to take the tent from your car to the beach or camping side. Never ignore the distance! Imagine what you will take during the trip, you will know that the tent shall be lightweight and easy to carry.

Another point you shall to take into consideration is safety: the bigger the tent, the sturdier it shall to be against the wind, especially when your kids are in the tent.

Then how to balance the size and weight? Choose the largest dimension that you can carry with ease.


Breathable Fabric

A breathable fabric is a must or tent because a tent is to provide a shade, not a shelter. To ensure you can stay in cool in the tent, the fabric shall be breathable, otherwise, it will be very dangerous to stay in the tent for only 10 minutes, especially for kids who do not have developed a good body temperature regulation system.


Protection Material

Fabric with UV protection is also vital, especially for beachside camping. One thing needs to know is that not all tents have both UVA and UVB protection, so please check the label or product description carefully before placing the order.


Easy Mounting

The last thing to consider is about how easy to mount the tent. If you take a baby out, you will take too much time to deal with the tent thing, leaving your kid alone! This is very dangerous if you take a toddler. If you do not have or do not want to spend too much time on mounting, an automatic backpacking tent for camping is ideal for you to choose. It is not only compact in size, easy to carry but also quick to use.


Bearing this in mind, let’s have a look at the most popular tent models available on the hollyhome.com.


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