How to Choose Appropriate Trekking Poles?
Aug 2018

Now it’s the season of mountaineering or climbing, more people go outside to enjoy their time. Have a trekking pole when climbing will make your travel more relax and comfortable.

The Material of the Trekking Poles: Aluminum Alloy or Carbon Fibre?
Although the main advantage of carbon fiber trekking pole is lightweight, the strength is not good enough as the aluminum alloy. It's easily broken from the side when an accident occurs.

A Twist Lock or a Flip Lock?
When you wear thick gloves in winter, you can still lock or unlock to adjust the length of your pole with a flip lock. It’s better than a twist lock also because of the simple structure and sturdy.

Handle Material
Cork grip could keep good friction when sweating. It is lightweight and can provide all-day comfort. It’s a good choice to use cork grip trekking poles when climbing.

Telescopic trekking poles could be hung outside the backpack. It’s convenient for your climbing or mountaineering. If you want to save space to carry your trekking poles and make your travel more comfortable, you can choose folding trekking poles. You can easily collect it into your bag.

Why You Need a Trekking Pole?
When climbing, you are associated with a 22% increase in knee pressure without using trekking poles. Using a trekking pole can alleviate excessive load problems by changing the way you support the center of the body.

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